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TSUKINEKO StazOn Cotton White Stamp Pad Set

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This is a quick-dry solvent pigment ink. You can use this ink on plastic, metal, shrink plastic, rubber, leather, polymer clay laminated paper, coated paper, photo paper, glass, ceramics, terra cotta, transparent sheets (like vellum paper), or painted surfaces. 

Have you ever seen people stamping on the traveler's notebook cover using white ink? This is it! This stamp pad will create satisfactory and beautiful stamping results on TN cover! You can try Sanby connecting stamps to create custom words/numbers you like and make your creation even more special and unique! 

How to use:

Open the clean stamp pad and squeeze some (NOT all) of the ink on the pad. Using the included mini spatula to even out the ink on the pad. Depending on the size of your stamp, you have to make sure your stamp will be evenly covered by the ink! Even though it says "quick-dry" please still allow 5-7 minutes for your creation to totally dry (we don't want any accident, right?!). 

Brand Tsukineko 
Manufacture by Sanby Co.
Made in Japan