Hello Stationery Lovers,

Thank you so much for stopping by our shop and interested in knowing who we are! 

Journal Station is currently a home-based and childhood-nostalgic online stationery shop based in California, USA. Although we no longer use those "vintage" childhood stationeries now, the passion for stationeries never faded away. Life is so unexpected, isn't it. Who would ever imagine that the love for stationeries turn out to be opening a stationery shop!! During the life journey, we always follow what the nature telling us, and this is one of the life tasks to achieve! 

Back to the establishment of Journal Station, we are a California registered legal stationery company and retailer. Our products are sourced directly from the designers and brands in Asia located in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. The main purpose is not only suit your needs, but quality is also our primary concern. 

We are always open for your opinions and suggestions. If you have specific stationery brand that you really love and hoping we can carry, drop us an email or DM us on the Instagram! We take your opinions seriously! 

Deeply appreciate all your support and help us grow!


So much love,