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Sanby Endless Stamp Set // Alphabets [ 5 sizes ]

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Here we are approaching the season of ordering our new year's journals, sometimes you may want to create your own special words for some specific moments, so this stamp set is just perfect for you!

You can mix and match the same size of numbers and alphabets to customize your own special stamp too!

These endless alphabet stamp sets come with 5 sizes. Ranging from 3mm to 8mm in height ( rubber stamp itself, not the handle). Each set includes 30 alphabets & signs. Easy to assemble the words you need and can create beautiful stamping result! A must-have stationery for stationery lovers!

Do you have your favorite size in mind? 

Large (No. 1) : 8mm in height
Medium (No. 2) : 6mm in height
Small (No. 3) : 5mm in height
Smaller (No. 4): 4.1mm in height
Mini (No. 5): 3mm in height

Designed by Sanby Co.
Made in Japan