If I don't want to spend over $65 for free shipping, what will the shipping rate look like? 

The shipping rate mainly depends on the product weight. 
     Weight        Estimated Arrival Days         Rate (USD) 
     0 to 5 lbs            5 to 8 days                        $4.9
     5 to 7 lbs            5 to 8 days                        $19.9

When you check out, the system will automatically calculate the weight for us and decided the rate for you. 

Do you provide worldwide shipping? 

Yes we do! Friends who love stationeries are not limited in the US, we hope that our shop will become one of your corner stationery stores whenever you need any little happy things. 

By the way, please kindly let us know if you have any problem when checking out your orders! We are always here for you! 

Please note that we have no responsibility for any lost or missing packages. If you do not receive your order in normal timely manner, please get your confirmation number ready and contact the designated carrier in your country. 

Will there be more stationery brands coming in your shop?

That's for sure! Because of a newly beginner shop, please give us time to search for beautiful stationeries for you (:

Do you accept return?

Generally we do not accept returns for products once sold. Before we pack your order, we always carefully check everything, so there will not be any problems! However, if you have any concerns or questions, please don't be hesitate to contact us! 

Do you work on the weekend? 

We are sorry, but in order to balance family life and work, we usually do not reply messages and emails during the weekend. However, if you have anything emergency regarding to your order, we will try our best to get back to you soon!