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PC x Phavourite co.

Pooi Chin Thoughts in Silence Collection Rubber Stamps

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Like facial expression, a wink in the eye, lift on the lips, they portray our emotions.
Punctuation marks works the same in written sentences. A comma (,) for a break; exclamation point (!) to indicate strong feelings or to show emphasis; question mark (?) to express doubt or uncertainty; and a full stop (.) to put a pause.

Thoughts in silence – Use this series of rubber stamps as a pair of listening ears to your journal, planner and crafts projects. Need no further explanation, an expression speaks it all.

Each piece of rubber stamp is made with care, high quality lasered grey rubber mounted on a wooden handle with engraved stamp indication. We hope it will be a piece to be treasured and a great companion for your creative creation.

 23 x 23mm & 38 x 23mm
Designed by Fion
Produced by Phavourite Co.
Made in Malaysia