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Penspapersplanner Series V Enjoy The Journey Rubber Stamps

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stationery haul 10 x 40 mm
stationery tracker 10 x 40mm
journaling is about keeping memories alive 10 x 40mm
time stop in a written page 10 x 30mm
A proven source of happiness 10 x 30mm
stationery addict 20 x 20mm
stationery ≠ stationary 20 x 20mm
it's journaling o'clock 10 x 30mm
it's collaging o'clock 10 x 30mm
those days, those moments, as years pass, the memory remains 10 x 40mm
those das, those moments 10 x 30mm
enjoy the passage of time 15 x 35mm
2024 10 x 30mm

 Red rubber with wood handle
Designed by Penspapersplanner
Made in Malaysia