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PC x Phavourite co.

PC x SOM Studio 2023 Collab Rubber Stamps // 6 Options

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This series of rubber stamps is a collaboration design with SOM Studio in July 2023. PC's hand writing is also one of the most classic among many stamp designers! We adore the phrases she chose always touch our heart and our life. Make these stamps not only beautiful but also practical as art works! It's really fun to apply arts into our life !!

everyday is a gift 60 x 12mm
Another Beautiful Day 45 x 20mm
Fall in love, stay there. 45 x 20mm
Moment of truth 45 x 20mm
如是 (Let it be; So it is) 15 x 30mm
忙著生活. 忙著快樂 (busy with life, busy with happiness) 38 x 12mm

Material Gray rubber with wood handle
Made in Malaysia