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Softly Studio

Softly Studio The Soft Bundle Handmade Paper - Warm Tone

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The Soft Bundles are a mixed collection of handmade papers created with a theme in mind. Each bundle released will be different and include decorative papers in addition to our standard colors. It's a way for us to keep experimenting and find new and creative ways to make our papers. 

Sheets included vary in weight, includes a little bit of everything. A perfect bundle for your creative projects or even simply used as a styling bundle. All handmade in the UAE using Cotton and Abaca fibers. 

A bundle of 25 sheets that include:

  •  8 - Business Cards (2.75" x 3.25")
  •  4 - 4Bar Papers (3.5" x 4.9")
  •  6 - A6 Papers (4.5" x 6.25")
  •  1 - A6 Envelopes (4.9" x 6.6")
  •  4 - A7 Papers (5" x 7")
  •  2 - A5 Papers (5.9" x 8.25")

*Please allow minor differences in size because of handmade items

Beautifully handmade in Abu Dhabi, UAE