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Kokuyo Stapler Harinacs Stapleless Stapler Press - White

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Feeling tired of keep changing staples? Try this stapleless stapler and you'll be worry-free every time you run out of staples! But before you place this item in our shopping cart, there are something we need to remind you:

1. This feature can only staple maximum of 5 pieces of regular 24 lb. (or less lb.) of paper like our normal copy paper. If you try 6 pieces or more, it's highly possible that it won't stay in "stapled" condition for a long time. However, if you want to use this on your journaling, it's perfectly OK since we usually "staple" beautiful washi paper on another piece of paper, so it's a great buy if you like to collage paper then "staple" them together on your journal (: 

2. Don't try to use heavy-weight paper (like cardstock), trust me, it won't hold paper together! Please kindly keep this in mind (: 

Happy shopping!

Made in Japan